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Release Notes: January 2024

By Jeff Hausthor on Feb 29, 2024 3:09:57 PM

  • Need to increase the Deck Support Plate thickness

Update drop down choice on the Lateral System Moment Connections page

What thickness of Extended Deck Support Plate shall be used?
[Select One]
[1/4 in.]
[3/8 in.]
[1/2 in.]

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Release Notes: December 2023

By Jeff Hausthor on Jan 31, 2024 1:24:17 PM

New listener control settings.  The listener is the feature within Qnect that listens for changes made that could affect the engineering of a connection that Qnect has put into the model.  This option allows the user to turn off the listener with the understanding that the user knows to periodically use the Diagnose Connections feature within the Tools button within Button 3.

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