QuickQnect® Release Notes: August 2022

By admin on Sep 8, 2022 2:06:02 PM

We are currently working hard to have End Plates available by the end of September (yay!).

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Release Notes: July 2022

By admin on Aug 26, 2022 8:22:50 AM

Targeting End Plates at end of  summer and Single Angle bracing this fall.

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Release Notes: June 2022

By admin on Jul 1, 2022 11:00:00 AM

Here is a list of items that we completed in June 2022.
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Release Notes: April 2022

By admin on May 7, 2022 6:00:00 PM

Coming soon:

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Release Notes: March 2022

By admin on Apr 14, 2022 1:00:00 PM

In addition to working on AISC 15th edition, CISC double angle and single angles connections, Single Angle Vertical Brace and End plate connections, we implemented the following new features.
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Connecting for Optimization by Jef Sharp in MSC

By Pearl Burgoff on Mar 1, 2022 4:55:04 PM

"LAST MONTH, I wrote about how early connected models can help steel fabricators. This month, let’s expand the discussion to include the myriad ways that early connected models help the steel industry as a whole.

At Qnect, we call early connected model delivery projects “ISD” for integrated steel delivery. There are many advantages to integrating the connection engineering, detailing, and optimization of the model before the bidding process begins (which I’ll explore in a second). Using these benefits makes steel less expensive and faster than other building materials—and also more sustainable."

Read on...

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Early Integration by Jef Sharp in MSC

By Pearl Burgoff on Feb 28, 2022 10:58:01 AM

Learn the 5 Ways Integrated Steel Delivery (ISD) is Beneficial to Fabricators in this month's issue of Modern Steel Construction. Check out Early Integration written by Qnect CEO Jef Sharp.

"[with ISD] the 3D model is fully connected early, with the connections engineered, detailed, and optimized often before the fabricator is awarded the job." - Jef Sharp, CEO of Qnect, LLC.

Topics: Insider News
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Release Notes: November 2021

By admin on Dec 10, 2021 9:07:00 AM

CISC building code is now live.  Completed the ability to run Shear Plates using Imperial, Metric and Metric (imperial sizing).
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Qnect Receives High Praise in Industry-Leading Magazine

By Pearl Burgoff on Sep 16, 2021 5:01:31 PM

An article in Engineering News-Record came out earlier this summer praising Qnect's cloud-based steel connection optimization software for the cost savings and efficiency it provides those who use it. The article highlights the 1.3-million-sq-ft Fenway Center project which is currently underway and expected to finish in 2025.

Well known structural engineering service provider, LeMessurier Consultants, contracted Qnect to connect the model for the project. 

“[By using Qnect] we have been able to cycle through numerous options to produce much more efficient connections,” says Craig Blanchet, a vice president at LeMessurier. “It has given us more confidence in the constructibility of the project, which helps mitigate risk.”

Read full article on ENR.com

Topics: News
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Release Notes: August 2021

By admin on Sep 6, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Overall working on CISC with engineering using metric (imperial sizes).  To be safe this will be 2 more weeks (may be earlier).  We are in QA with AISC-15 which we are targeting end of September.  Also working on Single Angle bracing and End plate connections.  They still need a bunch of time.  In the meantime we are working on customer requests.

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Release Notes: July 2021

By admin on Aug 12, 2021 9:01:00 AM

This month has been spent mostly on finalizing CISC and delivering customer requests.  The full list is below of what we did but this is a good customer facing summary.
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Dowco to Integrate Qnect Software into Detailing Process

By Pearl Burgoff on Jul 14, 2021 6:11:43 PM

AMHERST, Mass. — "As North America’s first Tekla Structures user we at Dowco had developed a myriad of tools, technologies and best practices around Tekla/Trimble software, but none offering the advantages that Qnect can,” says Ewen Dobbie, Dowco Consultants CEO.

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Release Notes: June 2021

By admin on Jul 8, 2021 1:00:00 PM

We have been focused on delivering the Canadian Building Code.  There is one feature left that was just finalized yesterday from the engineering perspective.  We are now developing that.  It should be completed early next week.
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Release Notes: May 2021

By admin on Jun 5, 2021 10:00:00 AM

This year, the development team has done a  lot of work into preparing to launch the Canadian building code CSA-S16-14.  This will go live in June 2021.

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Qnection of the Week: Green Coffee Building

By Pearl Burgoff on Jun 3, 2021 9:03:01 AM

This week's Qnection is an extended shear plate connection from the Green Coffee Building project, engineered by Francisco J. Herrera G.

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