Tech Tuesday: ROI for the Erector

May 14, 2019 8:48:42 AM

Are you a structural steel erector? If so and if you are like other erectors, you might feel left out of the process when engineers, connection engineers and engineer or record (EOR) are involved. Well, Qnect's SaaS solution provides a solid Return on Investment (ROI) for everyone including YOU the erector. 


When we look at the chart above, we can see that the erector can do their job - their contribution to the workflow of the project - much better when Qnect is used on a project. If you fabricate and erect, these benefits just continue to flow in. In the transcript and short video below, you'll notice the term "hassle" savings. What do you think about that term? Is it an accurate way of describing what you get from a tool that others use but you benefit? 

If you're not a fabricator, if you're not directly involved in detailing, then you'll want to consider asking them about Qnect. You can all benefit with Schedule Advancement, Earlier RFIs, Faster In-Model Connection Design, Beam Web Reinforcement Awareness, Modeling Quality/Accuracy, Faster Submittal Review Process, Bolt Reduction, Hole Reduction and Bolt Inspection Reduction. That's a lot! It makes a difference. 

Such a difference that people have told us: with Qnect "Steel Just Got Smarter" is THE way to describe what happens when those in the building and construction industry implement Qnect. Whether you use Tekla Structures, SDS/2, Autodesk products such as Revit or Advance Steel, you'll want talk with Qnect. In the meantime, use the navigation to find more information on Qnect such as How-To videos and even a Getting Started with Qnect page. 

For not, take a look at the short video below and use the transcript to follow along. 

HubSpot Video



We talked about bolt and hole reduction (in the ROI for the Fabricator post). Now let's actually look at inspection reduction. So in just a standard type of a checklist from inspection basically the best part about this is you're not gonna see direct cost savings it's more schedule and I guess “hassle” savings.

From my past experience and stuff that we've heard from some clients ... one of the biggest and hardest things in a schedule for an erector is turning over a floor. You know “we've got to turn over this floor so the trades behind us can actually access below and get on that floor” you know [the] decker everybody.

So that being said if we have 20 to 50% of those bolts that do not exist any longer on a project - what do you think that's gonna do for our schedule? You can determine that yourself but we should be able to start turning floors over faster or earlier in a schedule.


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Christian Erickson

Written by Christian Erickson

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