CEO Update March 2019

Mar 14, 2019 10:26:37 AM

If you came here from my email, thanks! If you just stumbled across this post, welcome in and enjoy.

Keeping Qnect’s customers - both current and future - informed is my aim. We’re moving quickly around here with our QuickQnect service as well as our customer on-boarding and support.

In this update, I focus on three items:

  1. Qnect's blog
  2. NASCC: The Steel Conference // Booth #1223
  3. The Qnect User Meeting

Qnect's blog is active with new product announcements, technical tips and videos. Every Tuesday, we aim to have a “Tech Tuesday” post. These posts contain product information to help you better use Qnect, to improve your project and to offer a refresher should you need a gentle reminder of “how to” do something. Periodically, we post a non-technical item based on a recent experience or that we think needs to be in the public - like this one! These can range from industry news or even reflections after leaving a customer’s site. Let me know if there is a topic you'd like us to cover either on the technical side or the business side.

We're heading to St. Louis for NASCC: The Steel Conference April 3-5. We'll be at Booth #1223. Stop by. We'd like to see you. Each year the excitement and interest grows. Did you happen to see our ad on page 47 in the NASCC Final Program? Scroll down a bit to see it. If you’ve not seen Qnect since NASCC in Baltimore, then you’ll certainly want to stop by. Not going to NASCC in St. Louis? No problem, we do many demos and even run comparisons remotely. You’ll learn here. Just scroll down from the short video with instructions.

I’m also excited about a few presentations taking place. The Connection Dialogue certainly has my attention. I’ve heard from several detailers and fabricators and more than a few structural engineers that they also plan to attend this panel. Here’s a bit more information:

  • "Connection Dialogue" panel at NASCC
  • Friday, April 5th
  • 9:15-10:15 am
  • Session C9 Room 132

Panel description: 

"Can improving the quality of connections reduce project costs and speed construction? This panel of industry experts will share real-life scenarios and discuss ways to ensure better project delivery. Discussions will focus on the value of data and collaboration to support a steel project's positive delivery -- from design to detailing to fabrication to erection."

AND we're hosting a User Meeting for current and future Users. We have a great agenda and it's free. We want this to be an opportunity to learn and to grow in the role that you have. Learn more here.

So a few things going on around here. If you’re not following up on social media please do. We keep an active dialogue going there. 


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