Tech Tuesday: Preference Settings Product Update

Feb 12, 2019 8:24:49 AM

We are excited to announce a few big updates to the QuickQnect Preference Settings. You will now find three categories:

  • Basic Information
  • Connection Types
  • Forces

This allows the user to separate the Basic Preferences from the Advanced Preferences saving you even more time and allowing you to focus on what's needed with your particular project. 

2019-02-11_19-57-57Basic Information: This category was added to help prepare high level information, which will automatically populate the "General Information" preferences that already exits.


Connection Types: This category was added to help prepare your desired connections, which will automatically populate the "Fabricator's Connection Type Preferences" that already exists. You will find this to be more user friendly. 


Forces: This category was added to help prepare forces for your project and to populate the first portion of the "Minimum Job Requirements" that already exist. As you can see the same pulldown window has been used.


You can download the PDF deck here.

Watch the video below for a full demo of the updates.

HubSpot Video
Christian Erickson

Written by Christian Erickson

Christian Erickson, Qnect’s Director of Global Marketing and Sales, attends conferences and events and shares his observations on industry trends in the Qnect news blog.

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