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Henry Lederman mentioned in Tradesafe Article

Mar 29, 2024 10:49:02 AM

Henry Lederman mentioned in Tradesafe® article.

How can a company like yours assist with safety in the manufacturing industry?

“Qnect software plays an important role in safety in the following ways:

1. We reduce the number of bolts in a building by 20% to 50%. If you save 1,000 bolts that means less time to install in the field and less shop time.

2. We always evaluate the extended shear plate at beam-to-beam option for use on a job. This allows erectors to increase the number of picks per day and more importantly, it keeps erectors' hands from being under the beam flange when trying to pin the connection.

3. With the early connected model we shop weld as many pieces as we can, so the # of picks go down further, saving time and person hours.

4. And because we combine the connection engineering with the detailing in one automatic step, we take away opportunities for human error and that makes for safe construction.”

Henry Lederman, Executive Vice President of Qnect

Qnect Marketing

Written by Qnect Marketing

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