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Not Just Another "Welcome New Year" Post

Jan 7, 2019 5:14:17 PM

This is not just another “welcome to the new year” post. We say that with confidence because 2019 already looks good, even with the great 2018 Qnect just experienced.

A great PUSH into the new year came from the voice of the steel industry - American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). Longtime editor and Steel Conference Chief, Scott Melnick, Speed-Growth-in-steelwrote more than a few flattering words comparing Qnect to RAM Steel and the positive impact that Qnect has had and will have on the industry. Melnick writes, “the real advantage is the time it [Qnect] slashes from a project.”

The endorsement continues with a few time savings metrics. Melnick’s point is that “speed is the next big thing in the steel industry” and we believe, as he does, that Qnect’s technology will lead the way. (View the review here or at the end of this post.)

We also welcome 2019 and the our deepening relationship with Nucor. The April announcement that Nucor was the lead investor for Qnect’s $3.8 million funding round did not go unnoticed. Working with Nucor during 2018 created 

20180411_164109 (1)great opportunities for their customers and helped Qnect gain a deeper understanding of the needs and requirements of steel customers across the U.S.

With this momentum, we took to the streets to visit customers, job-sites and partners. (build out slide show of customer visits). We also supported and attended industry events. After a great showing at NASCC: The Steel Conference, we attended NISD (National Institute of Steel Detailers) in Arizona and ENR’s FutureTech in San Francisco. During the past couple of months, we also attended the NCSEA Conference in Chicago, DBIA in New Orleans and FABTECH in Atlanta.

Momentum also came from our Moment Connections announcement. We are now able to “Qnect” Moment Connections AND more importantly to our customers, we are now able to optimize Moment Connections. (post: Qnect Extends its Popular Detailing App with Moment Connections)

As projects from 50 to 25,000 tons continue to flow Qnect’s way, and as we continue to build out our offering, we are reminded of our responsibility to our customers. We are here to serve you, to contribute to the success of steel in all projects and to reduce waste in materials and time while driving up margins for all.

Thank YOU for your continued support, feedback and business in 2018.

If you’ve not seen Qnect lately, this page is a good place to start; and of course, reach out to us anytime to start saving in this brand new 2019.

Visit Qnect at Booth #1223 during NASCC: The Steel Conference in April in St. Louis!



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