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Do Zoom Better with Steel

Jun 10, 2020 3:41:15 PM

We’re seeing a change in the way we do business in almost every industry. Engineering and other pre-construction practices are no exception. For many, this did not happen overnight but has certainly accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Qnect has been hosting online demonstrations and conducting customer onboarding for many years. For the most part, it works. But it was certainly not the only way that we did this. Many of our customer onboarding sessions were done in person especially with larger customers where we were training eight or more people at one time. 

Then a few things happened. We already mentioned COVID-19 and the stay-in-place orders, which eliminated travel for our team and for our customers to host us in their offices. Not a problem. Several other factors added to our weekly demonstrations and to our customer base.

First, we kept with our plans to announce the new, enhanced vertical bracing connections. We hosted a record-breaking webinar and gained a lot of attention. The spike in interest certainly added to the demo requests, which we have happily accommodated.

Second, we released a customer story on WSP’s involvement in the 66 Hudson project. This story highlighted the positive impact that Qnect had on their project’s success. We saw more and more people read this on social media and then contact us to learn more. 

"We’re able to make connection revisions quickly and with confidence using Qnect, which would have taken us weeks longer without them.”  Chuck Hongell, VP at WSP

With more people coming into our "work-from-home offices" more and more people saw the backgrounds that we had designed specifically for online meetings. These backgrounds serve a few purposes. We wanted to promote steel in everything we do so we focused on steel projects and steel places of work. We included a few great pictures that our CEO took over the years. So our collection grew and we have put together this collection for you.


Learn more about Qnect’s Zoom Backgrounds here.

So with all this increase of people interested in what Qnect can do for them, we’ve made these available for you. Follow the link above. We're ready to share!



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