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Landmark NYC Skyscraper Built Smarter with Qnect

Qnect, with world-class engineers at WSP and world-class steel fabricators at Banker Steel, helps make 66 Hudson Boulevard, aka “The Spiral,” one of the most efficiently designed towers in the world

This landmark building provides 2.85 million square feet and is known as the Spiral. The 65-floor skyscraper, was announced in 2016 by real estate developer Tishman Speyer as a 1,031-foot tower.[1] The tower, designed by Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), continues to generate accolades across the architectural world.

"We’re able to make connection revisions quickly and with confidence using Qnect, which would have taken us weeks longer without them.”  Chuck Hongell, VP at WSP

Engineering and constructing 66 Hudson in a fast and efficient manner required the use of new technologies and workflows by a number of those involved including the global engineering firm, WSP and their detailing division at WSP based in Maryland. 

“Our team excels at large, complex projects and this was certainly one of the more complex structures that we have worked on,” says Chuck Hongell, VP at WSP. “We’re proud of our work across the USA and within NYC. We don’t only do large, multi-ton projects, but we are often requested to do these when they come up due to our experience with these projects and our ability to work with the design team.”

10,000+ connections were connected using Qnect’s proprietary optimization software. Qnect saved an estimated 144 person weeks, not including the streamlining of the many revisions. 66-Hudson-Render

All in all, Qnect optimization software was used multiple times, easing the burden on the detailing team and speeding shop drawings to the Fabricators, Banker Steel and Cives Steel.

The detailing/engineering team set up a process that would connect floor-by-floor, using the same selected preferences for connection types, plate thickness and bolt sizes.

The outcome of this process is a 3D Tekla model fully connected with efficient connections and ready for fabrication to meet the demanding schedule of NYC construction.

“When you enhance a product based on customer input and you see all your customers benefit, that’s a great feeling,” says Jef Sharp, Qnect’s CEO. “Our product development continues to combine general market needs like our new “Brace the World” vertical brace connection, with specific customer requests like the shortened stiffener plate we did for WSP and 66 Hudson. Working with great firms like WSP and Banker Steel on these landmark projects helps Qnect and it helps the small and medium-size fabricators building schools, churches, police stations, hotels, office buildings, data centers and many other typical construction projects across the U.S.A., Mexico and Canada.”

66Hudson-CloseUpHongell adds, “A project of this size comes with many revisions, which impacts schedule tremendously. Using Qnect on a project like this, or any project, helps to prevent the negative impacts of changes and minimizes schedule drift. We’re able to make connection revisions quickly and with confidence using Qnect, which would have taken us weeks longer without them.”

Qnect’s onboarding helps get things moving. As with any engineering software, there is a learning curve. WSP opened their doors to Qnect, asked lots of questions and got the answers they needed to help build a landmark skyscraper.

Molly Kramer, EIT at WSP, shared that, “with Qnect’s added support and deep knowledge, I was not only able to get my questions answered quickly but I also knew that the answers were accurate. They are always available and that helps me stay on top of my work and deliver as promised.” 

Qnect and WSP have several new projects going on, delivering similar impact.


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Qnect Results

All the green members in this image were efficiently engineered and detailed using the Qnect application.


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