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Getting Ready for NASCC 2019

Mar 28, 2019 5:47:50 PM

In less than a week, the doors to NASCC: The Steel Conference will be open to engineers, detailers, fabricators and, well, anyone else interested in structural steel. Qnect will be at Booth #1223 along with other industry leaders such Trimble’s Tekla team, Nucor and Meyer Borgman Johnson (MBJ).

It’s not just Qnect that’s sharing the good news. If you read Jef’s Blog post from the first week of 2019, you saw what Scott Melnick wrote about Qnect and our impact on the industry. You’ll also see Scott’s editorial below.


Specifically to next week, there are more than a few reasons that we’re especially excited. We have a great Exhibitor Workshop and a Product Showcase you’ll not want to miss. In addition, we have listed a few “should-not-miss-sessions” below that you’ll want to put in your calendar.

WORKSHOP: How to Leverage Tekla + Qnect for Estimodeling

  • DATE & TIME: Wednesday 9:15-10:15
  • LOCATION: Room 224
  • HOSTS: Henry Lederman, Qnect CSO & Josh Hines, Qnect Manager of Technical Field Support
  • DESCRIPTION: It's all about early data. By leveraging your Tekla Structures software with Qnect's connection modeling capabilities, you will estimate faster, with more accuracy and get insight into optimization opportunities. Typical results include reduced costs, reduced man hours and increased profits. Come see how easy and quick it is to build a stick model, connect it, and analyze the data so you can create accurate bids using Tekla Structures + Qnect. Transfer data to your cost analysis software (FabSuite, FabTrol, STRUMIS) for accurate reporting.

SHOWCASE: Using Qnect for Value Engineering and Project Optimization

  • DATE & TIME: Friday 11:00-11:20
  • LOCATION: Hall 1, Stage 1
  • HOST: Josh Hines, Qnect Manager of Technical Field Support
  • DESCRIPTION: Leverage your Tekla Structures investment with Qnect's fast, intelligent, cloud-based connection software. We will demonstrate the ease of connecting your Tekla Structures model 9 times simultaneously using 9 different sets of parameters with Qnect’s buttons 1 and 2. We will demonstrate how to reduce 20% or more bolts on your projects by using QuickQnect's Bolt Optimization radio button. We will show you how early data will identify the location of beams requiring reinforcement doublers and how our Doubler report will help you eliminate them.

PANEL: Connection Dialogue

  • DATE & TIME: Friday 9:15-10:15
  • LOCATION: Room 132
  • DESCRIPTION:Can improving the quality of connections reduce project costs and speed construction? This panel of industry experts - with three engineers and a detailer - will share real-life scenarios and discuss ways to ensure better project delivery. Discussions will focus on the value of data and collaboration to support a steel project's positive delivery -- from design to detailing to fabrication to erection.
    • Jerod Hoffman, MBJ         
    • Charles Hongell, WSP Mountain   
    • Stephen Blumenbaum, Walter P Moore  
    • Tony Harasimowicz, KPFF

Be sure to read our blog from NASCC 2018 here 

See you soon!


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