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QuickQnect® Release Notes: May 2023

Aug 24, 2023 12:21:46 PM

Notable updates from May '23:

  • In Model Review is now updating colors instantly
  • In Model Review-Open Sketch even if connection is exploded
  • New In Model Review option: Add questions and screen shots to the new question tab (see below)



  • Tried To Add Line 41 In Shear Plate Standard Details Tab But Was Unable To Save - The optional preference of specifying the Shear Plate details was limited to 40 rows.  That has been extended. (see below)


  • Allow doubler to kdes at CJP welds - CISC and AISC column (see below


  • Wrong Bolt Counts for End Plate connections on BOP report - Resolved
Jeff Hausthor

Written by Jeff Hausthor

Jeff Hausthor is a co-founder and COO for Qnect LLC.

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