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QuickQnect® Release Notes: June 2023

Aug 24, 2023 12:21:03 PM

Notable software updates from June '23:

  • Get report data for Connection Engineer - Enhancement for in-model-review tool.
  • In model review tool - report to be based on GUID
  • Top Elevation for In model review tool
  • Span change of secondary ignored for duplicate check if not using UDL.  So when a change is made to the span with a cut or a small move, we will ignore that change if the force was not calculated with UDL (otherwise the span change changes the force), so when we re-engineer , the customer is more likely to receive the same connection code.
  • Qnect Station Fabrication - ability to identify if each beam uses two station or one station fabrication. (see below)
  • Change side of a CJP weld prep at Shear Plate to Column Web connection - Beam to Column Web Extended Shear Plate connection should always have CJP weld prep facing the beam web.
  • VBSA - Adjust gage at angle legs <5"
    • For in-plane angle legs >= 5” we will continue to use Table 1-7A for gage to bolt from heel as we do today: gage = max(standard gage “g” from Table 1-7A, min edge dist, kdet + c3, thickness + c1)
    • For in-plane angle legs < 5” we will update to use the following formula for gage to bolt from heel. For example with 0.75 bolts as currently done in 4x4 shown below= 2.5, update to:
    • gage = max(0.5 * in-plane edge, min edge dist, kdet + c3, thickness + c1) =max(0.5*4, 1.0, 0.75+0.75, 0.375+1.1875) = 2.
  • Remove support for Tekla 21.1 & 2016i
  • Set to Extended Shear Plate when need doubler and setback at beam is near support flange toe - This occurs at skewed beam to beam Shear Plate connections.
    • There are cases when a skewed beam has a setback distance such that the end of beam is near a flange toe (as shown on the picture).  Currently in such cases we switch to EXTENDED setback Shear Plate connection.  We modified this condition to only switch to EXTENDED setback if a beam needs reinforcement (doubler) plate and is 1 in. (25 mm) in orthogonal direction from support girder flange toe.


Jeff Hausthor

Written by Jeff Hausthor

Jeff Hausthor is a co-founder and COO for Qnect LLC.

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