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QuickQnect® Release Notes: August 2023

Sep 6, 2023 11:25:09 AM

 Notable updates from August 2023:

  • qnect-cplus: Added three new NoConnect reasons for the new End Plate Connections

    • END_PLATE_YIELD_RUPTURE_CALCULATIONS_FAILED, “Internal Error: End Plate Yield Rupture calculations failed.”
      END_PLATE_BLOCK_SHEAR_CALCULATIONS_FAILED, “Internal Error: End Plate Block Shear calculations failed.”
      END_PLATE_BENDING_CALCULATIONS_FAILED, “Internal Error: End Plate Bending calculations failed.”

  • EPL - Weld strength calculations - The Capacity Utilization Factor preference was not being used correctly for End Plate connections.  This has been resolved.

  • Horizontal distance to first hole does not get defaults with New job.  When creating a new job using AISC 15 and imperial, the Horizontal distance to first hole was not being set with default values.  This has now been resolved.
Jeff Hausthor

Written by Jeff Hausthor

Jeff Hausthor is a co-founder and COO for Qnect LLC.

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