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QuickQnect® Release Notes: November 2021

Dec 10, 2021 9:07:00 AM

CISC building code is now live. We have also completed the ability to run Shear Plates using Imperial, Metric and Metric (imperial sizing).
Additional highlights:
  • Add method to locate angle brace to the LEFT/RIGHT side of gusset plate for Vertical Bracing.
  • Tekla Profile Catalog to match Job Preferences Profile Catalog.  If the profile catalogs are different, for instance, ASTM Metric profiles in Tekla using a job using ASTM Imperial.
  • New map using Beam Marks App.  Using the new Map utility under button number 3 has been enhance for easier use and more readable maps for both connection code maps and doubler plate maps.
  • Update BOP report to show some more information related to weld weight

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