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"Qnect is revolutionizing connection design..." Read who said this.

Oct 15, 2019 3:34:57 PM

It’s great to get an endorsement. Every business will tell you this. It’s even better to get an endorsement from a neutral, industry association. Qnect experienced this just a few weeks ago when we opened the October issue of AISC’s Modern Steel Construction (MSC)* magazine. 

“Qnect is revolutionizing connection design and conservatively reduces the time it takes design engineers and fabricators to collaborate on approved shop and erection drawings by more than 70%.”  ~ Scott Melnick, Editor

The editorial’s genesis stems from an initiative AISC announced on September 30th during the 2019 Steel Day celebration. This new initiative has “a goal of increasing the speed by which structural steel buildings and bridges can be designed and constructed by 50%, by the end of 2025.”

(You can see the full editorial at the end of this blog...just scroll down.)

2025? That’s only 5 years and a couple of months from now... not a long time away. For some steel folks, this will seem like a lofty goal. Some will consider this goal up there with “We will land a man on the moon before the end of the decade” or “Cleveland will win the Super Bowl this year.”

Knowing the brains (and there’s a lot of brainpower at AISC) behind this initiative, we know they would not enter into this lightly. They believe this can and more importantly that it should be done. 

The Qnect team talks constantly with very progressive and forward-thinking steel leaders. They also think this goal can be achieved within the five-year challenge.

"I believe it saves us over 30% on modeling time in this project...This project really proves how much advantage that we can get by using Qnect." ~ Sang Chin, President, SNC Engineering, Inc 

What we are seeing at Qnect is that technology can and will and does contribute to increasing speed during the design phase and beyond. Less modeling time means faster time to produce shop drawings. We also know that schedule drift can wreak havoc on a project and Qnect prevents this from happening. 

Some numbers that Qnect recently shared in our October webinar (view the blog with video and transcription) include:

  • Shop Drawing Production: Preventing schedule drift 
    • Qnect creates buffer time to deal with changes and mitigate schedule drift.  Eg: A16-week schedule creates a buffer time of 3 to 5 weeks. 
  • One Station Fabrication 
    • Qnect will use its patented software and proprietary process to manage end connections to maximize the number of pieces that need one station fabrication versus two.
  • Reducing time to fabricate (and associated cost)
    • Qnect reduces time to fabricate by reducing bolts and holes to drill anywhere from 20% to 50%.

What makes the mention in MSC so satisfying is the data that Qnect has to back up the “revolution.” We welcome you to reach out to us and allow us to show you how to make it work for you.


* New to the industry? Spelled out, that’s:
AISC =  American Institute of Steel Construction
MSC = Modern Steel Construction.





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