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Powerful Qnect Updates Increase Productivity

Oct 2, 2020 9:10:00 AM

This week, Qnect customers received a nice gift - product updates that increase productivity. These updates reflect hours of customer input, beta testing, and user interviews. 

"It's an exciting update when we proactively gather customer wish lists and then make it a reality," says Christian Erickson, Qnect's Director of Global Marketing and Sales. He adds, "many of our users were aware of these updates but the greater steel industry and Tekla user-base are learning about these just now."


Qnect chose to release this update in conjunction to AISC's SteelDay 2020 resulting in a capacity webinar showcasing the updates and providing a live Q&A session with the audience. The webinar is now available in the link below.

Link to Webinar Recording & Short Videos

On this page, you'll see that we also broke down each enhancement so you can view the individual sections.

“Qnect has always reacted well to our feedback and requests for more flexibility with frequent updates to their software. The latest update is by far the greatest improvement I have seen since using Qnect and will have a positive impact on our ability to respond to customer changes. This update improves the functionality of the program beyond my expectations.”
Chuck Hongell, PE
Vice President, WSP Group

As a reminder, this enhancement eliminates the listener tool and provides for seamless and extremely user friendly processing of modeling and revisions with little to no impact on shop drawings.  Being more productive with revisions will continue to mitigate schedule drift.
We encourage all of our users to arrange a time (45-60 minutes) for you or your team to see these live with our Technical Team. Contact us and we'll find a time.

“I like the new simplified process and functionality.”
Ivan Stoltzfus
Owner, Square Top Detailing 

Here's a short review of a few updates:
Button 3 Settings - Autofill Company Details

Users will have the option to provide a Prefix, Suffix & date/time so when button 1 has been selected the Session name is already filled out for them.

Button 3 Set UDA Job - Set Job Preferences Override
Users will have the option to assign multiple Qnect preference settings to either the END1 (Start) or END2 (End) of a beam.

Qnect UDA Updates - Beam END1 & END2 UDA Updates

Qnect has added 3 more UDA options

  1. Qconnect: By selecting “No” this will force the end of a beam to be bypassed when running Qnect.
  2. Reengineer: If a joint already contains a connection and the desire is to re-engineer that same connection then select “Yes”
  3. Connection Type: Qnect has added Extended Full Depth Shear Plate as a model override choice.
Geometry Revisions - Model Adjustments: Moving, Rotating, Mirroring, Copying, Extending etc.

While users are adjusting members in the model any Qnect connection will remain, but now the component cone will turn red indicating it will need to be Reengineered.

Design Revisions - Revising Profiles & Loads
While users are revising members profiles, loads etc. in the model any Qnect connection will remain, but now the component cone will turn red indicating it will need to be Reengineered.

Impact to Shop Drawings - Parts & GUIDs, Running Dimensions, Sections, Welds etc.
Qnect will adjust the current Tekla parts keeping the same GUID and shop drawings will have minimal to zero impact.

Recap Model Sync and Submittal Packages - Sync All & Sync Selected

A quick visual aid to make sure users understand how to sync the Qnect connections from the Tekla model and create a submittal package.

Qnect Not Installed - Is there an impact to the Project?

If a detailing team member does not have Qnect on their machine will this impact the use of Qnect on the project?

QnectRevisedComponents - How to Use Selection Filter and Re-Run Joint

When saving your model or doing a read-in, you might get a warning like the Warning image below. If this warning appears, there are Qnect connections that have a red cone and still need to be addressed. Learn how to filter to these locations and re-run.






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