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Are you being disruptive?

Sep 26, 2019 10:30:41 AM

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We all recognize how difficult technology adoption is in the construction industry, but times are changing!

Take a look at this article by Katie Jones for some hope.

Some key takeaways:

  • According to the McKinsey report cited, there's $1.6 Trillion in opportunity to close the gap in productivity compared to other sectors (read: we can be more productive with technology, and it saves us money).
  • Almost half (46%) of construction companies self-identify as having been on a path towards digital transformation, while 41% see their company as only in the very early stages of digital transformation. (If the you categorize yourself as the latter, what's holding you back? The opportunity is there!)
  • 34% of companies said that employee hesitance was the limiting factors to adoption of new technology. Similarly, 30% of management felt the same way.
  • 77% believe that technology can improve the productivity of the construction sector, while 72% believe that technology can improve the speed of delivery.

What other takeaways do you see here? Anything resonate?

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Aaron Bartlett

Written by Aaron Bartlett

Aaron is an Account Manager at Qnect and has worked with many on the integration of technology in their workflow and shops.

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