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Absolutely, Positively Delivered Ahead of Schedule

Nov 13, 2020 10:05:32 AM

When shop drawings absolutely, positively must be ready for a Tuesday delivery and it’s Friday, you can count on Qnect to deliver. That’s what happened recently. Oh and it was not Friday morning that Qnect learned about this but late in the day.

This is one way that Qnect makes steel smarter.

With such little time and not having knowledge of the structure’s complexity, how could Qnect be so confident? This short video - just 3 ½ minutes - explains how and shows in the model what was done. 

Do you have a last minute project? Do you have a project you would like to see Qnect perform on? Contact us. We love a challenge and we love to help our customers be successful. Below the video, you will find the transcript with screenshots. 

‘’Using Qnect was a great experience which helped us deliver in a short time drawings and calculations along with optimized connections that will save fabrication & installation time.”
~ Alessio De Cesaris, Vice President/Sales
Breton Steel




Qnect was very excited to help one of our clients with this project. They came to us on Friday really needing help because they needed to deliver this by Tuesday - shop drawing delivery. That was quite a difficult task from a Friday night.

We decided that the best way to assist them is to do the project ourselves; at least the Qnecting part and then transfer the model to the detailer somewhere around Sunday. As you can see it's not a huge platform but a lot of pieces, lots of skews, and some complicated erection situations.

We discovered as we went along so many, many problems. It  didn't go smooth - we didn't just hit button one, selected the area, hit button two, and it was done. We started to find beams like these that are in turquoise that did not connect and realize that with the client's requirement for a 7/8" bolt and the cope on these beams that they would not connect.

With the client's permission we were able to upsize these beams to 12" beams and then one by one we were able to connect each one of these. The same thing occurred with the ones that are in yellow.

Again, most of those did not connect and so we were able to upsize those and achieve the same results. When we were done, we had connected all but two or three connections.

In this particular case, this purple beam, we found that where it was located fell directly on this connection which made it an impossible condition. Because of the speed and the timing the client was pretty confident we could move this beam, which we did.

Similarly, we found this spot here very difficult and this beam was even further in. The client agreed that we should just move this beam. In a later iteration of this model this was connected and this is one of the connections that the connection engineer provided using a bent plate.

So it took a while to iterate through the process looking at why did a connection not work, trying to understand why it didn't work, and then ultimately creating the solution to achieve what would be an impossible schedule condition.

Here you'll see that we have a stub and we're able to use a full depth stiffener with an extended shear plate and be able to get that worked through the process. 

We delivered the model on Sunday and by Tuesday the detailer was able to produce their shop drawings and deliver the drawings for approval.

The client could not be happier and you can understand why. To have achieved this without Qnect was impossible in the time frame. For the conventional method, it would have easily taken a week, week and a half between the connection engineer and the detailer. 

We were pretty proud and pleased to assist our client in this way.


Contact Christian Erickson for more information on this project and similar projects.

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