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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with the model? 

It’s simple, we just upload the data to our service. If you want to hold your model and do the work, you can do the same by signing up for the service, downloading the small app and pressing buttons 1 and 2 with different preference sets.

Is my model safe with Qnect? 
Absolutely. We take every precaution to deliver only the data that you need with minimal input from you. We are here to save you time and money.

Do I have to prepare the model?
Yes, it’s best if the loads are in the model, but we can use UDL just for a test in some cases. Check out “how to prepare the model” for even better accuracy.

Will you guarantee your engineering? 
Yes, all of our engineering is based on the appropriate codes.  Qnect has many Connection Engineer (CE) partners who will contract separately with you to finish the connections we don’t do and to PE stamp Qnect’s connections. We will also work with your CE.

What is the cost if I want to use the model for a live project? 
Please call 413-387-4375 and we will go over the payment options with you.

Who holds the connected model contract?

It can be either the owner/developer, EOR, or CM/GC

Does an early connected model add more liability to either the EOR or Contractor?

No.  A connected model is part of the steel detailing process and would typically be produced as part of the delegated steel connection design and shop drawing preparation.  Producing a connected model earlier in the design/construction process brings more predictability to the steel design, greatly reducing risk of schedule delays, and reducing bid allowances for incomplete design documents.  Liability does not change.  The EOR still retains the overall responsibility for the steel design.  The CM/GC liability does increase if the connected model is defective but they always had some risk since a defective steel detailing model through the CM/GC subcontract with a steel contractor cannot be passed on to an Owner/Developer.

Does an early connected model add cost to a project?

No, since a connected model is part of the shop drawing process. (It shifts cost upstream)

Does the model need to be guaranteed to be accurate and can it be relied upon? 

Yes, otherwise a steel contractor will not use or have to go through a timely review process which would reduce the advantage of an early connected model.

How is the model turned over to a steel contractor?

Once a sequence of the work is connected and has been reviewed by the EOR, it is released to the steel contractor through a file share.  Once a model sequence is released, the modeler is no longer responsible for model updates.  Any model updates after sequence releases will be performed by the steel contractor as extra work depending on contract terms. 

What is the contract based on?

The design documents. The structural steel contract is based on design documents produced by the EOR.  The early connected model is a deliverable and what is being built.  Differences between the design documents and the early connected model are treated as a change to the structural steel contract.

Does an early connected model require more up front work by EOR and design team?

Yes.  An early connected modeling process requires more coordination by the EOR and design team. We typically see EORs getting a higher fee to cover the additional work, though they typically see their construction administration reducing on the back end.

How is coordination with other trades handled?

The model with connections is what’s being built and it supports the coordination of other trades.  It is typically more cost effective to advance the project than to wait for the trade coordination to catch-up.

What detailing program is used? Does it limit the use of other detailing programs?

We recommend Tekla since the majority of steel detailers and fabricators use it.  An early connected model prepared in Tekla is not easily compatible with other steel detailing programs. (Qnect helps with early data analytics and speedy connections)

Does the early connected model capture fabricator preferences?

Qnect has a workflow that gives more flexibility to fabricator preferences for non-complex connections.

How does an early connected model provide cost effective connections?

By using experienced steel detailers and connection engineers, we can typically capture the most cost effective connections including taking advantage of connection optimization programs.