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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with the model? 

It’s simple, we just upload the data to our service. If you want to hold your model and do the work, you can do the same by signing up for the service, downloading the small app and pressing buttons 1 and 2 with different preference sets.

Is my model safe with Qnect? 
Absolutely. We take every precaution to deliver only the data that you need with minimal input from you. We are here to save you time and money.

Do I have to prepare the model?
Yes, it’s best if the loads are in the model, but we can use UDL just for a test in some cases. Check out “how to prepare the model” for even better accuracy.

Will you guarantee your engineering? 
Yes, all of our engineering is based on the appropriate codes.  Qnect has many Connection Engineer (CE) partners who will contract separately with you to finish the connections we don’t do and to PE stamp Qnect’s connections. We will also work with your CE.

Is your price per ton based on the project's tonnage?
Qnect’s pricing is per project and based on that project’s tonnage. This provides you an easy and confident way to calculate your savings and potential additional profits. To calculate the project weight we take the structural ABM tonnage and add 10% for connection material.

Qnect guarantees will will connect between 50-100% of the project with this pricing (our current average is 72%)

For unusual project where we connect less than 50%, the breakdown is as follows:

  • 41% to 50% receives a 20% discount
  • 31% to 40% receives a 40% discount
  • 20% to 30% receives a 60% discount

With this formula, it is always beneficial to use Qnect, even for rare projects where we connect less than 50%.

What is the cost if I want to use the model for a live project? 
We share our pricing online and you can always call 413-387-4375 and we will go over the payment options with you.