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QuickQnect® Release Notes: December 2022

Jan 12, 2023 4:32:35 PM

Welcome to the new year!

In December Qnect updated the in-model review capability in button 3; 1- add option to search or filter based on comments and status and 2- add option to select parts in the model based on selected rows in the report.

There is a new pop up window that appears when a user copies the job preferences. Crucial preference settings are listed for review; once reviewed the preferences can be updated as seen fit.



Fix movement in slot usage for STD holes - Added new gage options on the preference for gage sizes.  

  • For Double Angle Bolted Bolted
    Imperial '2.875',  Metric-Imperial '73.0'
  • For Double Angle Welded Bolted
    Imperial '5.75', Metric-Imperial '146.0'


HSS vertical brace - Update slenderness calc for AISC 15th at HSS column:



Shared and non-shared bolt arrangement issue in model - the issue where the bolt arrangements that were a combination of shared bolts with the opposite connection and non-shared bolts has been resolved.



Add Qnect UDA - Galvanized bolts override is now available in the Qnect tab on the UDA for each beam.

jira dec 2022


Jeff Hausthor

Written by Jeff Hausthor

Jeff Hausthor is a co-founder and COO for Qnect LLC.

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