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Project Team

Owner: Mayo Clinic

Engineer of Record: MBJ

General Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies

Architect: Shepley Bulfinch

Connection Engineering, Detailing and Optimization:


Project Description
MBJ on the Mayo Clinic East project used Qnect to produce a partially connected model prior to bid. When using this lean delivery method with Qnect, the bid was half a million dollars below the early “target price.” Overall steel savings was estimated to be over $1M (10% of steel package). McCarthy, the General Contractor on the job, was very happy that MBJ had used Qnect to deliver an early connected model because the supplementary information included in the model reduced the amount of guesswork for bidders and resulted in more accurate and tighter bids. Learn more about the project’s award from ENR here and how they used Qnect (read Modern Steel Construction).