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Qnect Eliminates Doubler Plates Reducing Costs Immensely

With access to early data, Engineers of Record (EORs) and others can make better informed decisions. Never has this been easier and more affordable than it is using Qnect on projects. 

In this 90-second demonstration, learn how the use of Qnect helped eliminated doublers on a recent project. With Qnect's incredible speed, the ability to engineer and analyze hundreds of connections, results like this are not uncommon.

(The content below the video is the video's transcript)

We're very excited again to show you how we eliminated web doubler reinforcing plates on a specific job. We determined through our analytics early on, very early on, 800 beam doubler plate web reinforcing was needed. 

The primary cause for that was that there were very heavy beams with very heavy loads. W14 with 55 KIPS for example is pretty high. Qnect provided the engineer of record (EOR) with our report that showed what the beam was worth prior to being reinforced. With that information the engineer of record actually revised their design drawing, which is very unusual.

As you can see here, W24 the 200 KIPS we gave them our report with specific beam sizes and they changed only those they left the 200 but you can see there were the 24x55 there were actually over 500, they were 137 KIPS. They (EOR) revised their drawing to reflect that. The 24x68 the 24x76, every one of these yellowed out members actually was updated on their design drawing and we were able to eliminate doublers. Thank you.

Eliminate Doubler Plates Data Qnect EOR


60 Second Overview Video

Check out this short video showing a high-level demonstration of Qnect's vertical bracing. Josh will walk you through the preference settings, using Button 1 and Button 2. Then register for the webinar below to get a more in-depth review.

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