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Yale Connects with Future Leaders

Jan 23, 2020 6:15:00 AM

Not all projects are created equal. We know this as well as you. Some are simply more fun, have more meaning or provide that challenge that happens only once in awhile. What’s exciting about a recent university project that involved Qnect are the activities that will take place inside once construction is complete.Yale-Qnect-04

This unique, elliptical form of Yale University’s Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking is a 12,500 square foot, two-story steel and glass building  that will help students, faculty, and alumni connect and collaborate more effectively across the disciplines. When complete, Yale will seek LEED Gold certification.

“We want to create an ecosystem for students to develop and pursue their ideas, be it a social movement, a rock band, a documentary series, or a nonprofit organization,” says Associate Director of Tsai CITY Onyeka Obiocha. “With the construction of a new building, we are creating a physical space that will be as dynamic as the students coming in. The space will emphasize collaboration and interaction, helping students [to] learn from each other and realize their ideas.”

Although this was a fairly typical project for Qnect, the speed and accuracy of the application provided buffer that otherwise could have jeopardized the schedule.





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