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Qnect Announces 2018 Awards!

Apr 29, 2019 7:00:00 AM


Users Making Steel Smarter

Qnect announced the winners of its 2018 User Awards earlier this month during NASCC: The Steel Conference. The annual awards are presented to the individual who ran the most sessions in Qnect and to the organization who ran the most projects.

“We have been very happy with the rate of growth and especially seeing users who understand the power of Qnect,” said Jef Sharp, CEO of Qnect. “We have found that when you use Qnect on every project and when you use Qnect for all revisions that the benefits go beyond ‘time and money’ that most people initially give credit.”

Most Sessions Run by an Individual

Molly Kramer, Junior Engineer at WSP Group, has been working in Qnect for over 2 years and during 2018 ran the most sessions of any Qnect user. “When working with multi-story commercial projects, we get a ton of revisions and change orders. Qnect helps me quickly and effectively convert those revisions into the model and this keeps us on schedule,” says Molly. She adds, “I can’t imagine Qnect not being a part of my workflow.”

Most Sessions Run by an Organization

Structural Modeling, LLC owned by Bruce Watson, runs almost every project through Qnect and it shows. “Bruce continues to amaze me with the amount and variation of projects that he does,” says Account Manager Aaron Bartlett. “These are not the big, NYC or Boston projects but rather the projects that a majority of engineers and fabricators are doing today.”

Bruce adds, “Qnect’s structure allows me the freedom and confidence to run every project through the program. The savings and peace of mind that I get from Qnect is the same no matter what the size of the project and I like that.”

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