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Project Team

Detailer: Creek Steel, LLC

Fabricator: Livi Steel / Don Livi

Erector: Kelley Erector / Bill Keller

another aerial

Burton Ohio gets Brand New PK-12 School with Optimized Qnections

"Working with Qnect has been a great experience." - Don Livi, Livi Steel

Job summary

  • Job tonnage: 712 tons
  • Beam tonnage: 492 tons – 1,259 assemblies
  • 4,943 bolts saved vs 6,754 non-Qnect standard spacing

berkshire hs rendering

Here’s what we found on the Bolt Optimization report:

  • Qnect connections – 1,632 – 65% connected
  • 1,811 bolts eliminated
  • 1,811 holes not punched in shear plates
  • 1,811 holes not drilled in beams
  • 431 copes eliminated
  • All Shear plates 3/8”
  • No Added welds

The above bolt savings is based on our analysis of individual UDL loads optimized for standard spacing vs a non-standard spacing.  We are still optimizing the standard spacing by using a beam specific UDL versus a Shear connection table a CE might supply from a worst case scenario based on beam depth. If we compared the actual bolts used against a CE standardized load table based on beam size the saved bolts would have increased dramatically.