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QuickQnect® Release Notes: March 2022

Apr 1, 2022 2:48:00 PM

In addition to working on AISC 15th edition, CISC double angle and single angles connections, Single Angle Vertical Brace and End plate connections, we implemented the following new features.

Added new preference to control eccentricity

For conventional shear plate connections with vertical bolt spacing > 3”, should Qnect always use full eccentricity = “a” instead of reduced eccentricity = “a/2”?

Default to “no”.

IF the answer to the question above is “yes”, AND the shear plate design is “conventional” AND with vertical bolt spacing > 3”, THEN force the use of e=a instead of allowing e = a/2.

New Qnect Model Review Tool

This tool is for EORs to quickly and easily review and approve the model within Tekla.

image (39)

User Administration page update

Easier user interface for specifying access for each job.


Limit list of jobs available per model added to Button 3

Limit list of jobs available per model in the settings page of button 3. Once a list of jobs is defined in settings, those jobs will be the only jobs available on this project.

image (40)

Choice of 3-¾" added to Double Angle Gage in Girder preference.


NO MORE infinite notifications when more than one Tekla open.  When new version is available and many versions of Tekla open, the alert is limited to one.

Double Angles Welded Bolted Standard Part Details - continuing DA BB

Total control over the double angle welded bolted to match inventory or mandated connections.




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