Integrated Steel Delivery (ISD)™️, 100% Connected Model using QuickQnect™️

ISD Flyer for NCSEA copyISD Flyer for NCSEA copy II

ISD™️ and the 100% Connected Model

Qnect integrates the connection engineering, detailing and exhaustive optimization of steel connections and delivers a 100% connected model (a.k.a. BIM Level of Development (LOD) 350 Model -- read more about BIM LOD Models here). The benefits of delivering these 100% connected models and using Qnect's ISD™️ system are compelling:

  • You will earn a significantly higher fee
  • Delight your customers with early VE items
  • Drastically reduce RFI's and change orders (along with the stress these cause!)
  • Save substantially on labor and material costs
  • Improve schedule by weeks or months
  • Minimize Approval/Review time 

To read more about Qnect's ISD™️ system and 100% connected models, please click here.

For examples of projects that used Qnect's ISD™️ system, please visit this link.

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