QuickQnect - Connection Design

It’s quick. It's QuickQnect. When you need to connect your model, use QuickQnect. Within minutes and often seconds, your model will be connected to meet AISC requirements.  Our speed helps you stick to the schedule. You know it's schedule, schedule, schedule…and when revisions are required, Qnect re-engineers and models revisions in seconds.

  • Set your preferences.
  • Select all or part of your model.
  • Push Button 1. Name the session. Submit.
  • Push Button 2. Very quickly, your model is connected.

Experience the speed and productivity of QuickQnect.


Available Connection Types

All connections are designed using the Qnect patent pending,  iterative process for the most efficient connections in the market. All connections follow your user defined preferences to match your exact requirements.

A Partial list of Qnection types. Contact us for the most up-to-date available connection types:

 Shear, Shear and Axial Connections:

  • Shear Plates
  • Extended Shear Plate to Column web
  • Extended Shear Plate Beam to Beam
  • Double Angles Bolted Bolted
  • Double Angles Bolted Welded
  • Double Angles Welded Bolted
  • Single Angles Bolted Bolted
  • Single Angles Bolted Welded
  • Single Angles Weld Bolted

Moment Connections:

  • Directly Welded Flanges with Shear Plate
  • Directly Welded Flanges with Double Angles Bolted Bolted
  • Directly Welded Flanges with Double Angles Welded Bolted
  • Bolted Flange Plates with Shear Plate
  • Bolted Flange Plates with Double Angles Bolted Bolted
  • Bolted Flange Plates with Double Angles Welded Bolted
  • Read more on Moment Connections 

Framing Condition

  • Beam to Beam
  • Skewed Beam to Beam
  • Beam to Column Web
  • Skewed Beam to Column Web
  • Beam to Column Flange
  • Skewed Beam to Column Flange
  • Beam to HSS Beam
  • Beam to HSS Column
  • Beam to Embed Plate with pl washer provided
  • Beams framing at different elevations
  • Beams framing at different horizontal offsets
  • Beam to spandrel beams requiring full depth shear plate or filled double angles
  • Slopes up to 1/2:12 ( less than |2.5| deg)

Connection Design in Qnect

This 12 minute video walks you through how to go from a stick model to a connected model using Qnect.


  1. Preparing the Model
  2. Setting Preferences
  3. Connecting using Buttons 1 and 2
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