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Early Integration by Jef Sharp in MSC

Feb 28, 2022 10:58:01 AM

Learn the 5 Ways Integrated Steel Delivery (ISD) is Beneficial to Fabricators in this month's issue of Modern Steel Construction. Check out Early Integration written by Qnect CEO Jef Sharp.

"[with ISD] the 3D model is fully connected early, with the connections engineered, detailed, and optimized often before the fabricator is awarded the job." - Jef Sharp, CEO of Qnect, LLC.

Here's a sneak preview:

1. It reduces uncertainty in bidding and makes it faster and easier to bid the job. According to Bill Lo, president of Crystal Steel, “It helped us meet a demanding schedule. The whole job went very smoothly.”

2. It allows the fabricator to understand the full and exact extent of all the fitting material instead of the usual 10% to 20% guess

3. Many of the issues that tend to surface downstream are resolved early, thus reducing RFIs and giving the fabricator a better chance at stable planning for shop production

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