Deliver a Fully Connected Model

Engineer of Record: Use Qnect as your digital infrastructure to deliver fully connected 3D models, extend your design development time, dramatically reduce approval time, increase profits.

Connection Engineer: Use Qnect for most connections and concentrate your own efforts on the higher margin, complex engineering to increase profit margins, deliver value engineering management and increase capacity while making your customers very happy.

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Increase Margins with Optimizations

Reduce your operating costs with Qnect’s optimizations. Reduce material cost, shop hours, doublers, bolts, welds and save $30-$60/ ton (on average) with Preference Optimization, Bolt Optimization and Doubler Optimization. Reduce waiting time for shop drawings, improve factory throughput, revisions and safety.

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Win More Bids

With increased speed and capacity, you can do more projects. Strengthen your relationship with your client by bringing Qnect’s optimization value to them; mitigate the negative impact of revisions and reduce shop and field bolts, drilling, tightening…

  • Increase Productivity
  • Stay on Schedule
  • Drive Profitability

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Experience Qnect's Top 3 Features

QuickQnect, P+Op and B+Op helps make smarter steel connections, improving your estimating, your material order and more.


It’s quick.

  • Set your preferences.
  • Select all or part of your model.
  • Push Button 1. Name the session. Submit.
  • Push Button 2. Very quickly, your model is connected.

Experience the magic; experience QuickQnect.

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Preference Optimization (P+Op)

Run your job multiple times, automatically and quickly.

  • Compare the cost of different bolt sizes and connection types. Save material costs and time in the shop and field.
  • Mandated Design? No problem. QuickQnect easily mimics the mandated standards.

Everyone is happy.

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Bolt Optimization (B+Op)

Qnect calculates half-inch vertical spacings from 3” to 6” providing the most efficient connections allowable by AISC.

Expect a 20-50% reduction in the number of bolts, bolt holes, time for bolting, machine use, skilled laborers needed and erection time. Wow!

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Create an Account & Download

It's free and quick. Qnect integrates directly into Tekla Structures for a seamless experience.

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Select all or part of your model

Qnect's fast calculations quickly connects your entire model or just a section. Once your preferences are set, it's that easy.

 Push Button 1 & 2

With Preferences set, Button 1 sends the data to our algorithm where the engineering happens. Button 2 adds the engineered connections into your model.

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