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De-risk Your Steel Project with a 100% Fully-connected Model (ISD*)

Engineers: Use Qnect as your digital infrastructure to deliver fully connected 3D models, extend your design development time, dramatically reduce approval time, increase profits.

General Contractors: Use Qnect to save time and money on all of your projects.

*Integrated Steel Delivery

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Increase Margins with Optimizations

Reduce your operating costs with Qnect’s optimizations. Reduce material cost, shop hours, doublers, bolts, welds and save $30-$60/ ton (on average) with Preference Optimization, Bolt Optimization and Doubler Optimization. Reduce waiting time for shop drawings, improve factory throughput, revisions and safety.

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Win More Bids

With increased speed and capacity, you can do more projects. Strengthen your relationship with your client by bringing Qnect’s optimization value to them; mitigate the negative impact of revisions and reduce shop and field bolts, drilling, tightening…

  • Increase Productivity
  • Stay on Schedule
  • Drive Profitability

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Experience Qnect's Top 3 Features

QuickQnect™, P+Op and B+Op helps make smarter steel connections, improving your estimating, your material order and more.


It’s quick.

  • Set your preferences.
  • Select all or part of your model.
  • Push Button 1. Name the session. Submit.
  • Push Button 2. Very quickly, your model is connected.

Experience the magic; experience QuickQnect™.

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Preference Optimization (P+Op)

Run your job multiple times, automatically and quickly.

  • Compare the cost of different bolt sizes and connection types. Save material costs and time in the shop and field.
  • Mandated Design? No problem. QuickQnect™ easily mimics the mandated standards.

Everyone is happy.

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Bolt Optimization (B+Op)

Qnect calculates half-inch vertical spacings from 3” to 6” providing the most efficient connections allowable by AISC.

Expect a 20-50% reduction in the number of bolts, bolt holes, time for bolting, machine use, skilled laborers needed and erection time. Wow!

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