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Engineering a better way.


Qnect was formed in 2013 after 5 years of early development to commercialize powerful new software that is re-thinking connection design. Our patent-pending algorithms engineer and connect 3D models in mere minutes, producing optimization data worth up to $100/ton.

The speed advantage speaks for itself.

Founded by experts with deep industry experience

This journey started in 1988 when Henry Lederman developed the precursor to what we have today. The product was called CADS (Computer Aided Detailing Service) and Henry presented this service at the NASCC steel convention in 1988. Based in Fortran, users would fill out special forms and fax them to his office. Someone would then input the form data and the shop drawings would be plotted (yes in those days they were plotted). This was an integrated engineering and detailing product and ahead of its time but not very electronic.

A big idea – worth the wait

Twenty-six years later the interest took hold again. With newer technology, trade knowledge and critical support from some very fine engineering and developer minds, Qnect was born. Projects are now being engineered and connected with QuickQnect hundreds of times faster and with more accuracy and cost benefit.

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Qnect has delivered a unique suite of programs for connection engineering and fabrication efficiency that this industry has long been searching for. Qnect’s software delivers unprecedented value, is surprisingly easy to use and is a must use by anyone in the industry that deals with building steel structures.


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