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Engineering a better way.

Quickly output detailed reports.​


Advanced bolt and preference optimization.


Free estimating and revisions.

QuickQnect™ engineers and connects Tekla 3D steel structures to optimize fabrication time, improve accuracy and increase project profitability.

How it Works

Engineer and connect your projects at Internet speed. QuickQnect integrates seamlessly with Tekla Structures, the industry-leading 3D modeling tool…more

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Call Qnect’s support team at (413) 387 4375 to get started and unlock the power of QuickQnect – and technical support is always happy to answer your questions…» Download QuickQnect

What’s New

Qnect is partnering with Integrous Steel Software Solutions


Qnect, LLC®, the only software company focused exclusively on optimization of connection design, is excited to announce it has signed a reseller agreement with Integrous Steel Software Solutions, Inc.

As a nationwide reseller, Integrous will help accelerate the awareness of Qnect’s benefits and deliver to their loyal customers the ability to realize breakthrough savings with QuickQnect’s® patent pending optimization solutions.
Integrous has worked for decades to help increase profitability for their steel customers.

Qnect, LLC was formed in 2013 to commercialize powerful new software that is re-inventing connection design. Their unique technology connects and engineers 3D models in mere minutes, producing optimization data worth up to $110/ton per project.

Jef Sharp, President of Qnect says, “We are thrilled to be working closely with Scott and the Integrous team. QuickQnect® fits perfectly with their productivity software solutions so their customers can count on high quality “Integrous level of service” to support Qnect’s connection optimization solutions.

Integrous has worked for decades to help increase profitability for its customers and truly believes that with the addition of Qnect, they can continue to deliver the very best software products to the steel industry.

QuickQnect™ engineers and connects Tekla 3D steel structures to optimize fabrication time, improve accuracy and increase project profitability.

Take the QuickQnect Challenge!

QuickQnect Challenge

The QuickQnect challenge is simple. Qnect is betting that our Preference Optimization Service will provide you with the lowest cost preferences for your projects. Just enter the challenge and we will compare the cost of your selected preferences with four QuickQnect preference sets to see which one gives the lowest cost result. You will receive a connected project while experiencing all the benefits that QuickQnect brings.

Upload Your Tekla Model

​Qnect keeps your data secure. Within 48 hours, we will have the full results of what your connection material costs were, using your own preferences and the QuickQnect optimized, lowest cost joint configuration…» upload your model

​No charge. You compare.

​If it’s a current job and we don’t save you at least $20/ton, you keep the data for free.

​Ready, set, go!

Enter your contact information, job preferences and Tekla model information below:

Contact Information

Connection Preferences

​Upload your Tekla model

​Once you’ve completed the form​, upload your model to Qnect’s Hightail space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my results?
We should have your results within 48 hours during the workweek. Need a rush? Let us know.

What do you do with the model?
It’s simple, we just upload the data to our service. If you want to hold your model and do the work, you can do the same by signing up for the service, downloading the small app and pressing buttons 1 and 2 with different preference sets.

Is my model safe with Qnect?
Absolutely. We take every precaution to deliver only the data that you need with minimal input from you. We are here to save you time and money.

Do I have to prepare the model?
Yes, it’s best if the loads are in the model, but we can use UDL just for a test in some cases. Check out “how to prepare the model” for even better accuracy.

Will you guarantee your engineering?
Yes, all of our engineering is based on the appropriate codes. If requested, we will PE stamp the engineering for a fee.

What is the cost if I want to use the model for a live project?
Please contact or call 413-387-4375 and we will go over the payment options with you. If we don’t identify at least $20/ton of savings, then the engineering and modeling is free.



Engineering News Record (ENR): “…Qnect will be a game-changer”


A cloud-based digital engineer is hovering nearby, ready to calculate, design and optimize thousands of bolted and welded connections on 3D Tekla models as a service to subscribers.

QuickQnect is a Tekla plug-in about seven years in development and out in stealth mode since April. The developer says QuickQnect differs from other steel-connection software in that it uses powerful, in-the-cloud computers to examine loads rapidly, designing each connection to be as efficient as possible, rather than applying standard designs by connection type from a library.

To set up the tool, the engineer selects among dozens of preferences for job requirements, connection types, detailing, bolts and welds. Then, the model—or only parts of it—is uploaded to a cloud processor by clicking a button on the Tekla interface. The system extracts the forces and engineers the connections, says Jef Sharp, the developer and CEO of Qnect, Hadley, Mass.

Qnect featured in Tekla Monday Minutes

Tekla’s Monday Minutes for February 7, 2016 includes an exclusive Special Promotion available to both new and existing Tekla users.

Curious? Watch the video here and – no spoilers – wait until the end to see the special offer.

Watch the video

Watch: Demo of Qnect’s Bolt and Preference Optimization

Check out Qnect’s new demo to learn how easy it is to download and use QuickQnect to both engineer and detail your Tekla models.

Walters Group joins Qnect as a strategic equity partner

Walters Group - The Bow project

Walters GroupThis month, Qnect raised a Series A funding round led by strategic partner, Walters Group, a 59-year-old steel fabrication company based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. With the Walters partnership, Qnect is setting its goals on becoming the world’s premiere resource for advanced connection engineering.

The industry is ready for change. With the launch of Qnect’s QuickQnect™ steel connection engineering software, steel fabricators are now able to detail 3D models that lead to faster, more accurate, less expensive shop drawings; and therefore, better projects. The over 10X speed improvement opens up possibilities for early BIM coordination, estimating, pricing optimization, and iteration of steel connection designs for engineering efficiency. More

Automatically engineer and detail Moment connections

moment connections

Qnect has created a sophisticated, automated process to engineer and connect steel joints by merging the engineering function and the connection function while keeping the engineer’s and fabricator’s preferences flexible.

In addition, Qnect offers every shear plate and double angle connection, every skew angle, extended shear plates, stabilizer plates, full depth stiffeners, OSHA requirements… They complete all required coping and weld designations, erectability resolutions, even add plate washers at embeds. Every shear and axial, including NYC Integrity Requirements, and every doubler plate reinforcement for coped beams will be accurately placed. On double angles we perform bolted/bolted, bolted/welded and welded/bolted connections. All engineering calcs are embedded at each joint in the TEKLA 3D model.

It took a diverse group of people to finally crack the code for accurate moment connections automatically and instantly done.


Software is eating the world of steel


As Mark Andreeson of Silicon Valley famously said, “Software is eating the world…” This is evident in all industries and the Steel industry is a prime example. Software is efficient. Design something really well the first time and then deploy it over and over again, while making it continually better. Smarter.

So what is the limit to what software can do for Steel? Qnect addresses not just the software options of today, but the future of software to make the structural steel industry even more safe, economical and efficient.


A Return to Quality and a New Year’s Resolution

Everyone wants speed, low cost and high quality. But as Nick Jenkins points out in his article, Basic Principles of the Scope Triangle, it’s impossible to consistently have speed, low cost and high quality simultaneously. He claims you can have a combination of any two. So, if the steel detailing industry had to select two of the three, which would they be?


Qnect has a preferred partnership agreement with SSDI (Steel Structures Detailing, Inc.). We often work together on projects to offer a complete detailing solution, from modeling and connecting to full detailing, engineering and stamping.

In addition:

  • SSDI will provide project leadership and management
  • You can use them to pre-connect your job in the estimation phase to help win bids
  • You can have them optimize your job for connection cost efficiencies


Qnect at NASCC conference in March

Qnect will be in Booth# 738 at NASCC: The Steel Conference on March 25, 2015 in Nashville.

This conference is where engineers, fabricators, detailers and erectors go to learn about the latest in structural steel design and construction. It’s also a great place to interact with your peers, and see new, cutting-edge products, including QuickQnect.

Qnect hires industry powerhouse, Tim Fraser as VP of Engineering

Tim Fraser joined the Qnect team this week as VP of Engineering.  After 35 years of experience in structural steel fabrication and consulting engineering, Tim has accumulated a depth and breadth of experience that only a rare few have achieved in the steel industry. He was the Chief Engineer for 19 years at Canron, a major fabricator and erector. More

Qnect gets nod from steel trade press

Modern Steel ConstructionQnect got a mention in the May edition of Modern Steel Construction. The trade magazine covered NASCC: The Steel Conference, where Qnect unveiled its new software back in March:

While steelXML is geared toward expediting the ordering process, one company on the floor, Qnect, demonstrated the ability to expedite connections. The company’s QuickQnect software determines the type of connections needed for selected joints in a Tekla 3D model, based on job and fabrication preferences. Within hours (or sometimes minutes, depending on the size of the building area) the cloud servers engineer and connect the joints in one integrated, automatic process.

“We have been working on the software for over five years, and the pre-commercial version was flawlessly used on multiple buildings including a building for Harvard University,” said Jef Sharp, the company’s CEO.

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Upcoming Events

Tekla QuickQnect Webinar

Watch a webinar hosted by Tekla that shows Qnect’s innovative approach to Connection Design and Cost Optimization for steel projects. Hear how Fabricators, Detailers and EOR’s save weeks of time and up to $100/ton per project by deploying Qnect’s rules-driven engineering software.

Watch Webinar


The ease of getting connections engineered in just hours, coupled with the realized savings through Qnect’s preference​ and bolt​ optimization features, are allowing our customers more time to concentrate on fulfilling the project team’s commitment to low cost and on time delivery.



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