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Advanced bolt and preference optimization.


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QuickQnect™ engineers and connects Tekla 3D steel structures to optimize fabrication time, improve accuracy and increase project profitability.

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The importance of quality and a good night’s sleep

Robert Pirsig and his son

And what is good, Phaedrus,
And what is not good—
Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?

Saving time on engineering and detailing with QuickQnect allows the engineer, the detailer and the fabricator to focus on quality. Has there ever been a construction project that would not benefit from a little extra time to focus on quality?

Let’s examine a typical project and see how Qnect adds value at each critical step.

The fabrication process can’t begin until the connections are known. QuickQnect produces engineered connections in a matter of hours, not weeks.

Time wasted is an opportunity cost. Lag time waiting for changes to a design or a model is costly. RFI’s (Requests for Information) cost time and money.

Slow down, we say. Spend just a little time up front carefully considering the engineering and fabricator preferences on the preference dashboard of Qnect’s website. Run the job 10 or more times – in less than an hour – to compare the cost differences for different preference choices such as bolt diameters, shear versus clip angles, welding vs. bolting, etc.

Think about it. Take a road trip on your bike. Hit the reset button.

Come back and make final tweaks to your personalized preferences and then run ~70% of your connections in under an hour using QuickQnect. Next, with one click, prepare the floor plan maps showing the remaining connections needed for the engineer and the detailer to polish off sequence one.

Everyone on the team can easily see what is left and can focus on any engineering or detailing challenges. Revisions are fast and easy, and they are always free from Qnect – our gift to quality. More time and breathing room leads to careful, smart decisions, quality, timely shop drawings and a good night’s sleep. Enjoy a little Zen and the art of connection design.

Detailing drives everything

San Francisco Tekla Tour

By Jef Sharp, CEO, Qnect

While traveling with the Tekla Roadshow this past month in California I asked clients and future Qnect clients what was a common pain point for their projects. In the steel engineering and construction industry, more often than not, I heard “detailing” as the frequent determining factor. Why? Because detailing is a critical role to creating accurate shop drawings and the entire process. It’s the balancing point between the push of the EOR and the pull of the Fabricator, and the Detailer must carefully manage that territory – the nexus.

When done well, with the right knowledge and time sensitive inputs from the EOR/owner and the right knowledge and time sensitive inputs from the Fabricator, all is good with the world. Yet in our conversations with Detailers, EORs and Fabricators, we asked how often the balancing act is pulled off well. The words “never” or “not often enough” were pretty common responses.

How can Detailers mitigate the inherent push-pull pressures? The answer is a confluence of great people and the right technology at the right time. When we talk to customers about their projects and ask what pain points are we solving, the number one value we bring to the steel engineering and construction industry is TIME. Are we surprised? Of course not. Our software was created by individuals who spent over 40 years searching for TIME in order to give the Detailer a fighting chance to make changes quickly and easily – and use the technology to accelerate design reviews to identify important details that otherwise might be overlooked.
Forward thinking companies are using QuickQnect to buy TIME for asking questions such as “should there be paint on the slot?”, or “can the bolt be erected with the right clearance?”

“Prior to Qnect, there was no good way to access the data early enough to make a leadership decision for the well being of the job.”

Admit it, every project has a multitude of details that can easily be overlooked – and everyone at one point in their career has felt the pain of a detail that slipped through the cracks. Users of QuickQnect are enhancing their project processes, and efficiencies to achieve new heights of quality and economy in a very time-sensitive environment.

Now that you have the answer, the question is: Have you worked with Qnect?

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Watch a webinar hosted by Tekla that shows Qnect’s innovative approach to Connection Design and Cost Optimization for steel projects. Hear how Fabricators, Detailers and EOR’s save weeks of time and up to $100/ton per project by deploying Qnect’s rules-driven engineering software.

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The ease of getting connections engineered in just hours, coupled with the realized savings through Qnect’s preference​ and bolt​ optimization features, are allowing our customers more time to concentrate on fulfilling the project team’s commitment to low cost and on time delivery.



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