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Choose the perfect package for your project.

Do you have a small project? Need a boost getting started? 

This is the perfect solution for a smaller tonnage project. It’s plain and simple. It gets the job done quickly and accurately...and it's really free. 

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Unlimited Engineering & Modeling
Starts at $3.50
You get unlimited runs & connection management for the life of the project

Like many projects, you anticipate revisions, changes and modifications. This is the perfect solution for you. Keep your costs in check and revision on.

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Premium with optimization
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You get it all - unlimited revisions, connection management & optimization
Optimization is the heart of Qnect. You get the same quick connections as the other packages and all the optimization features. Likely results include savings of $30-$50/ton, schedule improvements and peace of mind.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our projects are unique. Do you have other pricing options?

We understand that some projects are unique and we strive to match a solution to your needs. Please use the form below to contact us, share your project and we'll put together a package that works for you and your unique project.

I am interested in Estimodeling. What is the cost to help me with Estimodeling?

Our Estimodeling packages are also priced in a simple, straight-forward manner. For a provided model, we charge $0.50/ton. For Qnect to provide the model, we charge $1.00/ton. Visit our Estimodeling Page for more information <link>.

How does the billing work?

We bill your project based on the pricing options that you want to use. For the first couple of projects, we walk through the process with you as you learn about Qnect. We have found that this not only helps you in the long-run but also helps us as you are able to get up and running much quicker than trying to go at it alone. 

Please getting started now as a First Time User here or contact us using this form below for more information.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we do. We believe that you should never spend more than you save; that's our goal. We believe that Qnect, for most projects, meets that goal.

To put it very simply - Qnect's 100% guarantee:  we will never charge more than you save.

Pricing should not get in the way. Let us help you.