This 11-Minute Video...

...will give you a good overview of a Qnect's ability to improve your projects.

In this video, learn:

  • Shop Drawing Production:
    • Preventing schedule drift
  • One Station Fabrication:
    • For plant flow and efficiency
  • Reducing time to fabricate:
    • 20% to 50% fewer bolts and holes. 

Here's a bit more information to get you started

  • Shop Drawing Production: Preventing schedule drift - see how Qnect creates buffer time to deal with changes and mitigate schedule drift.  Ex: 16 week schedule - buffer time of 3.2 weeks to 4.8 weeks. Would this be important to you?

  • One Station Fabrication - Qnect will use its patented software and proprietary process to manage end connections to maximize the number of pieces that need one station fabrication versus two including for example maximizing the number of pieces with only holes and no attachments. If we were able to achieve this, would it be impactful to you?

  • Reducing time to fabricate - experience how Qnect reduces time to fabricate by reducing bolts and holes to drill anywhere from 20% to 50%.  If Qnect can do this for you on every job you have over a year will this matter to your productivity and bottom line?

Want to see results with YOUR current project?

Share your current project with us. We will run it through Qnect and compare our connection results to your planned connections. You'll experience first-hand the value of optimization.

Here’s what we like to have in preparation for the showcase:

1. The .db1 file of the Tekla model(s);

2. Architectural and Structural contract drawings so we can review the EOR and other specs;

3. Please fill out Fabricator Preference Table For Demo so we have a baseline idea of what your preferred connection types and bolt sizes would be.

If necessary, use this link to drop large files to us -

We look forward to hearing from you!