For the Estimator

Use Qnect to deliver a more accurate and competitive proposal.

To stay competitive, it’s all about early, accurate data.

By leveraging your modeling software with Qnect’s connection capabilities, you will:

  • estimate faster
  • with more accuracy
  • and gain insight into optimization opportunities.

Typical results include reduced costs, reduced work hours, increased profits and a smooth project.

Delivering a fully-connected model during the bid phase, helps ensure that your client understands your contribution to the project and your ability to deliver. When you combine the connected model with your MIS tool, your margins improve and your win rate goes up.

Qnect for the Estimators WEBINAR.png

Estimodeling Webinar

In this 30 minute Webinar learn:

  • To build a stick model appropriate for estimating
  • Connect the model while optimizing to reduce costs
  • Transfer the data to your MIS tools to increase profits
Watch the Webinar