For the Engineer

Use Qnect as your digital infrastructure to deliver fully-connected 3D models, extend your design development time, dramatically reduce approval time, increase profits and control the engineering.

For the Engineer of Record, Qnect provides unique and detailed reports of all Qnect connections. If you delegate your connections, you are able to review and approve these quickly. For mandated connections, Qnect mimics your requirements and provides the same quality reports for your approval process.  

Connection Engineers use Qnect to win more bids, focus on higher margin, complex engineering, deliver value engineering management and increase capacity while making customers very happy.

For the General Contractor

Use Qnect to deliver a model to each bidder, ensuring that they provide the most competitive and realistic proposals. Qnecting your model early will strengthen the schedule and ensure that your next project comes in on time and under budget. 

General Contractor project managers who require Qnect early in the project gather important data early enough to make smart decisions. 

Learn how to reduce time to construction 

Go here now to learn about the connected model, preventing schedule drift, getting uniform bids from fabricators and much more. Qnect provides so much more than software and super service to help you, the general contractor, be more successful. 

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Are you an EOR or GC?

Contact us today to get a demo on a current project that you're working on or just about to get underway. 

You will see the speed, intelligence and ability of Qnect to help you reduce schedule uncertainty and increase margins.

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