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For the Detailer

Do more with Qnect. With Qnect’s fast and intelligent solutions, you can complete more projects in less time. For detailers, we connect the model in minutes and provide optimization data for your customers, all within AISC code. The time and material savings are then passed on to fabricators and erectors. It's a great win for our customers and  our customer's customers.

With your 3D model and a phone call to us, we will complete the user defined preferences, select the entire model or just the section you want connected and the Qnect Buttons 1 and 2 will do the rest. In minutes, detailers can connect most steel buildings without capital costs and with minimal on-boarding. And the connections will always work. 

Two important benefits of Qnect include: Preference Optimization and Bolt Optimization. Optimization provides multiple, extremely quick runs. They compare different connections and bolt options and then prioritize them. A 20-50% reduction in bolt count, bolt holes, time for bolting, machine use, skilled laborers needed and erection time is typical.

Bringing this value to the project provides more than just savings, it strengthens your relationship with your client.

Do most of your clients provide mandated connections? That’s fine. Many users are also in your situation. Mimicking the standards using QuickQnect still saves lots of time on the project and ensures that the connections always follow AISC code requirements each and every time.


A Short Overview video

Start with this video; it's only 3 minutes. Then contact us using the button below to set up your personalized demo. You'll experience the power behind Qnect and the team committed to seeing your success with our solution.

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