This 3-Minute Video...

...will give you an overview of how you can use the QuickQnect™️ extension to improve the speed and efficiency of building stick models in Tekla Structures.

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  • Seeing more Qnect videos
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  • Submitting a project - see below
  • Watching the full 14-minute video to more deeply understand how using QuickQnect can maximize engineering and detailer productivity.

Want to see a demo with YOUR current or recent project?

Share a current or recent project with us. We will run it through Qnect and compare our connection results to your planned connections. You'll experience first-hand the value of optimization.

Here’s what we like to have in preparation for the showcase:

1. The .db1 file of the Tekla model(s);

2. Architectural and Structural contract drawings so we can review the EOR and other specs;

3. Please fill out Fabricator Preference Table For Demo so we have a baseline idea of what your preferred connection types and bolt sizes would be.

If necessary, use this link to drop large files to us -

We look forward to hearing from you!