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Engineering a better way.

Qnect’s Tekla Warehouse

Grinding Steel

QuickQnect software is a revolutionary cost and time savings tool for the construction industry, and it’s integrated into Tekla Structures, the world’s most popular BIM software…» Download QuickQnect

QuickQnect optimizes your bids and projects:

  • Reduce costs
  • Save time
  • Improve accuracy
  • Increase profitability

QuickQnect is easy:

  • Download QuickQnect
  • Open Tekla Structures and see QuickQnect’s 1,2,3 buttons
  • Select any part of a Tekla Structures model. Press the (1) button. Your data (not your model) transfers securely to our cloud servers.
  • In just minutes, you’ll get an email. Press the (2) button.
  • Your model is now connected with your preferences; detailed engineering and cost optimization reports are ready for review and approval.

And with QuickQnect, you can re-run all or part of any job anytime for free.

Get started:

Download QuickQnect and in only few minutes, you can optimize your business and improve profitability…» Download QuickQnect


QuickQnect™ will help you…

  • estimate jobs for free,
  • win more bids, and
  • dramatically save time and money on every project


Qnect has delivered a unique suite of programs for connection engineering and fabrication efficiency that this industry has long been searching for. Qnect’s software delivers unprecedented value, is surprisingly easy to use and is a must use by anyone in the industry that deals with building steel structures.



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