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Engineering a better way.

How QuickQnect™ Works

Speed, quality, profits…what’s not to love?

Benefits for Everyone

Across the board, Qnect offers substantial quality, speed and cost improvements for industry players.

  • Fabricators: Save up to $100/ton with Preference Optimization and Bolt Optimization, reduce waiting time for shop drawings, improve factory throughput and improve safety.
  • Steel Detailers: Get models connected on day one, free up time to focus on unique connections and miscellaneous.
  • Engineers of Record: Use QuickQnect as your digital infrastructure to deliver fully connected 3D models, expand your design development time, reduce approval time, increase profits.
  • Connection Engineers: Use QuickQnect to focus on high margin, complex engineering to increase profit margins.

Call Qnect at (413) 387-4375 to set up your account.

Change Happens. Qnect Has the Answer

Change order requests? Need to revise a job and run it again? No problem. You can re-run all or any part of any job any time for free. Connect your model, and pay only once. This will not only reduce the cost and stress of change orders, it will minimize the usual delays associated with them.

Free is Good

With QuickQnect™, you’ll estimate jobs for free, win more bids, optimize jobs, eliminate the delays and stress of “extras” and dramatically save time and money on every project.

Outputting Your Job

After your company is set up, simply fill in your engineering and fabricator preferences (with our help if desired), and you’ll be on your way to saving weeks of time and many thousands of dollars:

  1. Select all or part of a Tekla Structures model. Press the (1) button. Your data (not your model) will securely transfer to our cloud-computing environment.
  2. Check for an email (usually just minutes away), then Press the (2) button.
  3. Your model is connected and detailed engineering and optimization reports are ready for review and approval. We can even PE stamp your connections.

Have Questions or Feedback?

We love our customers. Contact a Qnect representative at (413) 387-4375 or use our contact form to send us a note.

Thanks for using Qnect!



Watch Our Demo

See how QuickQnect works in this recording of a recent webinar.
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Qnect has delivered a unique suite of programs for connection engineering and fabrication efficiency that this industry has long been searching for. Qnect’s software delivers unprecedented value, is surprisingly easy to use and is a must use by anyone in the industry that deals with building steel structures.



Give us a call at (413) 387-4375