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Customer Stories

Qnect’s groundbreaking tools are optimizing the construction industry, offering advancements in project turnaround, cost estimation and planning.

Vassar Medical Center

Vassar Brother’s Medical Center

Project Team

Detailer: Prothious
Fabricator: Cives
Engineer of Record: RTKL
Connection Engineer: MBJ
Connection Optimizer: Qnect

Qnect helps regional medical center reshape project after unexpected design changes.

The Project:

The Vassar Brother’s Medical Center (VBMC) located in Poughkeepsie, NY expanded their 365-bed modern medical treatment center that serves the NY Metropolitan area. VMBC provides the only cardiothoracic surgery and leading birthing center in the Hudson Valley. According to VMBC Executive Marc Molinaro the construction of the new bed pavilion, scheduled to open in 2019, is “one of the largest capital projects in the history of Dutchess County.”

The Problem:

The Vassar Brother’s Medical Center required a last minute change to their $500 million project. After breaking ground in September 2015, and while the job was under fabrication, there was a major revision to the plan. In May of 2017, the hospital President Ann McMackin announced an eighth floor would be added to the building.

  • Initial 4,300 tons connected in 37 minutes with over $100,000 in savings
  • Time savings as much as 8 weeks
  • Last minute revision of 500 skewed joints connected in 11 minutes for an entire new floor vs. 3-week in conventional management

The Solution:

Meyer Borgman Johnson (MBJ), an award winning and innovative structural engineering and connection engineering firm with over 63 years of experience, began working with Qnect in 2016. MBJ, with a focus on delivering quality designed projects, uses QuickQnect software to optimize time and savings for their customers, to overall benefit the project timelines and retain customer satisfaction.

“Qnect is the best-integrated connection software and a market leader. Qnect makes it easy for everyone to be involved in the connection engineering.”
– Jerod Hoffman, Principal & President Meyer Borgman Johnson

Cives Steel, the fabricator on the Vassar job, is one of the best North American steel fabricators and was founded in 1952. Cives maintains a long-lasting reputation for delivering high-quality fabricated steel and is committed to on-time delivery and exemplary performance. Being a forward thinking and technologically savvy company with a deep concern for the economics, accuracy and speed, Cives selected Qnect for the Vassar project.

“We used Qnect on an S-shaped 4,300 ton project, and were pleased with many aspects of the speed and quality of their engineering, optimization, and detailing delivery. The responsiveness of the Qnect team was very impressive, and included a custom, skewed, single angle solution.”
— Bob Reynolds, Chief Draftsman, Cives Steel

Take-Aways/Insights/The Gist:

While under fabrication, Vassar required a major revision to the building. A critical incident that if not well managed, could have cost time, additional rework, and may have increased associated cost for labor, equipment, and material. MBJ used Qnect as changes were happening and revisions were required at no supplemental cost to Vassar. Qnect engineered the 500 joints in 11 minutes, quickly proving to be an essential team player, and mitigated the impact to the schedule.

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Grifols clayton campus

Grifols’ Clayton Campus

Project Team

Detailer: ProDraft
Fabricator: McCombs Steel Company, Inc.
Engineer of Record: Fluhrer Reed
Connection Engineer: MBJ
Connection Optimizer: Qnect

Qnect builds integrated and efficient teams.

The Project:

Grifols, a large multinational bioscience company with global headquarters in Spain and US headquarters in California, announced in spring of 2017 the investment of $210 million to build two new buildings at their Clayton campus. Grifols already employs 14,7000 North Carolina residents and the new facilities are scheduled to be completed in the year 2021.

“Having the connections finished so quickly was an immediate benefit and then, of course, the savings. The team at Qnect knows what they were talking about, they did this on paper before. They’ve worked in the industry – talk the language, and really know how the software works.”
—Ricky Horton, VP of Finance & Administration, McCombs Steel Company, Inc.

  • 100% commitment to teamwork – from kick-off to completion
  • Qnect Knowledge sharing – 40+ years in the industry and trust in Qnect technology adaptation
  • 1,600 tons connected in an 1 hour

The Solution:

Maintaining a Competitive Advantage. Ever since they opened their doors in 1929, McCombs Steel has paid close attention to customer service and competitive pricing for their customers and community at large. As a mid-sized fabricator, McCombs Steel prides themselves on their attention to detail, hard work, and dedication to industry knowledge. McCombs began working with Qnect in 2017. Like many stakeholders in the construction industry, the technology with a service appeared too good to be true.

Trust from the Start

McCombs wanted to see the software in action and answer the question, “Was it really that easy?” Henry Lederman, Qnect CSO with over 40 years of steel detailing experience, flew down to North Carolina to train the team on the software.

Take-Aways/Insights/The Gist:

Using Qnect, McCombs and their detailer, Prodraft, connected the 1,600 tons in 1 hour. Technology + training + trust = innovation and success for everyone involved.

SeaTac Concourse D

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Project Team

Detailer: Steel Structures Detailing
Fabricator: Canron
Engineer of Record: KPFF
Connection Optimizer: Qnect

Optimizing connections at extraordinary speed.

The Project:

The Sea-Tac Airport’s terminal is a 450,000 square foot addition to the current Concourse A within the main terminal building. Sea-Tac, known as the fastest growing airport according to the Seattle Times, grew close to 13% in passenger traffic in 2015. The new construction will increase their capacity by nearly 50%. Currently the terminal is designed to service 1,200 an hour, and with the new terminal peak capacity will be 2,600 per hour.

“I was proud to help break ground on Sea-Tac Airport’s North Terminal expansion, adding eight gates and new amenities for passengers. Sea-Tac is one of the fastest growing airports in the nation and we must keep making these critical investments in our infrastructure to accommodate our growing economy.”
—Senator Maria Cantwell

The Problem:

As common on the west coast, the EOR mandated connections of the SeaTac terminal expansion design. Which means the fabricator would have to follow these exactly. With Qnect not only would the connection efficiencies improve but there would be a big impact to the schedule.

  • EOR waved mandated connection to allow QNECT to complete gravity connections
  • By using Qnect, the fabricator improved scheduling and saved money on the job

The Solution:

Initially the Engineer of Record (EOR) delivered “mandated” connections. Canron, a small steel fabricator located in western US and Canada, urged the EOR to use Qnect. Canron’s prior experience with Qnect created reliable value to their business. The EOR agreed and delivered reactions which were used by Qnect to engineer and optimize the joints at extraordinary speed. Qnect engineered the connections of the Sea-Tac model in one hour, which had a very positive impact on the schedule and optimized substantial savings.

The fabricator pushed back to have the connections delegated, but not mandated. Which meant that QuickQnect could connection engineer many of the steel structure connections.

Take-Aways/Insights/The Gist:

Creating a common understanding to bring economy and speed to the project.


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