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Take the QuickQnect Challenge!

QuickQnect Challenge

The QuickQnect challenge is simple. Qnect is betting that our Preference Optimization Service will provide you with the lowest cost preferences for your projects. Just enter the challenge and we will compare the cost of your selected preferences with four QuickQnect preference sets to see which one gives the lowest cost result. You will receive a connected project while experiencing all the benefits that QuickQnect brings.

Upload Your Tekla Model

​Qnect keeps your data secure. Within 48 hours, we will have the full results of what your connection material costs were, using your own preferences and the QuickQnect optimized, lowest cost joint configuration…» upload your model

​No charge. You compare.

​If it’s a current job and we don’t save you at least $20/ton, you keep the data for free.

​Ready, set, go!

Enter your contact information, job preferences and Tekla model information below:

Contact Information

Connection Preferences

​Upload your Tekla model

​Once you’ve completed the form​, upload your model to Qnect’s Hightail space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my results?
We should have your results within 48 hours during the workweek. Need a rush? Let us know.

What do you do with the model?
It’s simple, we just upload the data to our service. If you want to hold your model and do the work, you can do the same by signing up for the service, downloading the small app and pressing buttons 1 and 2 with different preference sets.

Is my model safe with Qnect?
Absolutely. We take every precaution to deliver only the data that you need with minimal input from you. We are here to save you time and money.

Do I have to prepare the model?
Yes, it’s best if the loads are in the model, but we can use UDL just for a test in some cases. Check out “how to prepare the model” for even better accuracy.

Will you guarantee your engineering?
Yes, all of our engineering is based on the appropriate codes. If requested, we will PE stamp the engineering for a fee.

What is the cost if I want to use the model for a live project?
Please contact or call 413-387-4375 and we will go over the payment options with you. If we don’t identify at least $20/ton of savings, then the engineering and modeling is free.